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Jeanne P. Adams

Science and Tech
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Washington, DC
A lifelong reader and writer of fantasy and suspense, award-winning author Jeanne Adams is an extrovert in an introverted profession. So, she's always up for talking...about ANYTHING! Geekery of all kinds, reading, books, baseball, dogs and dog-showing, suspense, and body disposal. Jeanne Adams writes award-winning suspense, paranormal, mysteries and urban fantasies. She’s also a sought-after speaker, who knows a thing or two about getting rid of the evidence… Jeanne specializes in thrills and suspense. Even her paranormal and urban fantasies have a suspense element, so be prepared!

She loves football, baseball, dogs, Halloween and the weird – hey, she teaches classes for writers on body disposal! Jeanne lives in DC with her husband and two growing sons, as well as three dogs – two Labs and an Irish Water Spaniel. Don’t tell, but she’s prone to adopting more dogs when her husband isn’t looking.

Featured in Cosmopolitan Magazine, and other publications, her books have been consistently hailed as “One of the best Suspense Books of the Year!” by Romantic Times. You can find her at her newly redesigned website: www.JeanneAdams.com, on Twitter at www.twitter.com/JeanneAdams or at www.Facebook.com/JeanneAdamsAuthor

Jeanne initially wrote Romantic Suspense for a New York publisher (Kensington) now she writes Paranormal Romance, Urban Fantasy and Suspense independently. You can find her books on virtually all digital platforms. She 'sold' first in traditional suspense, but her first love is the Paranormal - swords and sorcery, witches and wizards, magic of all kinds. BTW, to her, Vampyres are still the bad guys.

Jeanne Adams's first Urban Fantasy in a new series came out in 2014 - THE TENTACLE AFFAIRE, a Slip Traveler Novel, is based on the idea that there is 'One planet, One Slip Traveler' - kinda like 'One riot, one ranger' from the Texas Rangers. Slip Travelers police the Rim Planets, those which are still ignorant of the presence of the Space Alliance. When Slip Traveler Cait Brennan comes down for a routine mission, things get complicated. She meets Mage Enforcer Adept Aiden Bayliss who doesn't believe in Aliens or alien hunters. She doesn't believe in magic. That makes it very, very complicated when a US Senator is killed...

Jeanne also has a new series coming out this summer, written with Nancy Northcott, set on a space station in the distant future.... Look for Welcome to Outcast Station this summer! Last fall, her witchy romantic mystery series set in the fictional town of Haven Harbor, Massachusetts kicked off with The Witches Walk, followed by two novellas set in that world.

As to what to talk to her about, Jeanne loves to chat about Fantasy, Tolkien, Paranormal Romance, Urban Fantasy, Suspense, Witches and Wizards, and how to get rid of the body....bwahahahah!!