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M. Doc Geressy is a professional broadcaster, costumer, movie car motorhead expert, actor, designer, and paranormal investigator. When Doc is not doing all this stuff, he is the Campus Director of the Connecticut School of Broadcasting's Charlotte Campus where he also teaches broadcasting.

Spending 20 years in radio as Viva Doc Vegas and with shows like Johnboy & Billy and Bob & Tom, Doc is the creator and host of the The Sci-Fried Eggs, Wait Wait Don’t Phase Me, and 5 Minute Delay Radio Network.

As founder of the Carolina Ghostbusters, Area 51 Division 6, and the Fraternal Order of Cosplayers, at conventions, Doc is best known for his movie cars, the Ecto-1 and Men in Black LTD. As an experienced tailor, Doc has designed and created costumes and props for Ghostbusters, Indiana Jones, Lord of the Rings, Star Trek, Star Wars, Ren Fests, Men in Black, superheroes, villains, and even Civil War uniforms.

Doc is the curator of Bathurst Manor and enjoys archery, cake, and watching people run for their lives.

Find him online at:

or on Twitter @BatDoc, @Area51Division6, and @NCGhostbusters