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Ed McKeown

Chief editor
Charlotte, North Carolina
I write what I like to read: adventures under far stars.  What’s most important to me is the relationships between the characters.  Why would you travel to unknown places with people you don’t care about?  My characters are flawed, fighting over their weight against a hostile universe.  They struggle with their limitations, their desires to be more than they are.
The Fenaday/Rainhell series chronicles the adventures of a reluctant privateer searching for a missing starship, accompanied by Shasti Rainhell, a genetically engineered woman with a dark past.
In the Maauro series, Wrik Trigardt, disgraced pilot finds Maauro, a 50,000-year-old war machine on an asteroid.  For Wrik, this begins a journey of redemption.  For Maauro, a journey of self-discovery begins to a life beyond machine logic.
I’ve written many short stories collected in urban fantasy collections Knight in Charlotte and On the Case. I’ve also edited the Sha’Daa anthology series.

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